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Gumbet Bodrum

Before a short time Gumbet, only two kilometers far away from Bodrum, is known as a part of Bodrum. The city, now independent, is the favorite place especially for the tourists, the people who stay young and young people. This is a good alternative place for the people who are getting bored of the entertainments of Bodrum and only a step away.

While you are walking on the bars street of Gumbet You can rarely see a Turkish written sign which is a miniature version of Bodrum. 

The music sounds coming from the bars, night clubs are mixed on the air, and nevermore nobody has complaint about it. In Gumbet there are restaurants where you can find the cuisines of Indian, Mexican and Chinese.

The chooser of Gumbet, whose name is getting from water cisterns, should be not the silence really the choosers of action life. 

There will be no time for healing your body and soul on the arms of the sun, because there are such kinds of activities on daytime. All kinds of water sports, water ski, sailing, parasailing and surfing are available. Along the night the gleeful sounds of the holiday makers capture the seaside.

You can find the most beautiful and the largest hotels in Gumbet. And mostly the families with children choose the hotels nearest to the seaside. It’s shallow sea and long beach is the indispensable characteristics of Gumbet.

The visitors think that this city is always full of action and being so popular and chirpy is exciting for them.