Bitez is the place to store energy beforehand or the place to rest following raving nights in Bodrum. If you want to absorb the peace and happiness hidden amongst the tumultuous mixture of the green and the blue, sprinkled with the orange rays of the sun, find yourself a corner on the canvas, for you are in the right place but if you are after red hot nightlife, Bitez is not for you.

Just 5 minutes drive from Bodrum center. A jewel in the crown, so to speak, the crescent shaped beachside is surrounded by restaurants, textile shops, cafes and pensions; thus, preventing the noise of traffic reaching the shore. The side streets and roads are clean and impeccably maintained. In the past Bitez known as Agacli, vast mandarin groves and many stone houses will warmly greet you as you wonder towards the heartland of the town. Mosaic works of a chapel, though to be built around 5th or 6th century AD as well as the water cisterns are still intact.

Bitez shores are a heaven for those sailing buffs and surfing. It is necessary for everybody to take a walk on the promenade, whistling the tunes of the well known and sad song dedicated to the immortal love between Cakir Gussun and Halil Efe this is not Aspat my dear Halil lo this is Bitez Beach, where the bullet wound pierced my soul.