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Konacik location right on the arterial road connecting Bodrum with the peninsula’s other population centers and it is in great demand by investors by virtue of its proximity to Bodrum. Once the city of Lelegs, the heroic inhabitants of Pedasa, today’s Konacik is steadily expanding, with the development of business premises along the main road there. 

According to the famous historian Herodotus, the ancient city of Pedasa ( Konacik ) was one of the most important cities for sea trade in the region. Vineyards which remain today are worth a look and wine made in Pedasa was very popular throughout the area.

The heroic inhabitants of Pedasa are remembered for the resistance they put up towards the Alexander the Great and Persians, and for being the only city on the peninsula that stopped the Persians, by fortifying Kaplan Mountain (Mount Lide). According to Historian Herodotus, they had a bit of outside help in the form of a warning sign - in his ‘Histories’ Volume I he writes: ‘When any misfortune was approaching them or their neighbors, the priestess of Athena grew a long beard. This had happened to them thrice’.

Konacik village was founded in 1050 by 3shepherds from Horasan in Golbasi. The settlement later moved to Cirkan Village to provide easier access to the sea and afford the inhabitants better security and. With most of the activity concentrated on businesses thriving on each side of the main road running through it, today’s Konacik is mainly a commercial suburb.