Bodrum information, Bodrum Turkey

Guvercinlik is the first settlement before Bodrum. It is a beautiful fishing village, surrounded by nature. It is enclosed sea like a lake. Guvercinlik is surrounded with small restaurants, hotels and houses. There is Salih Island on the shore. It is located northeast of Bodrum and 22 kms from the center and only 20 minutes away from Bodrum center by minibuses (dolmus).

Guvercinlik is the place that you can greet Bodrum. The hills to the east of the tall and wide Salih Island are covered in pines and lower parts in olive trees. The best on the island is the cove where there is a white house on the south east part of Salih. Despite the pollution created by the fish farms nearby, the sea is still very clean. There is another holiday area consisting of seven or eight villas in the south. There are almost no historic remains to prove, although it is claimed that the island of Salih was the location of old Karyanda. 

Guvercinlik is very close to Bodrum International Airport. Due to the close proximity of the airport, this area will become popular.

As you drive along the coastline, you may notice a number of fish farms raising sea bass.