Bodrum information, Bodrum Turkey

Until the 20th Century, the economy of Bodrum was dominated by fishing and sponge diving but today economy of Bodrum is mostly based on Tourism. In Bodrum, tourism is the main income source of local communities. 

Today, one of Turkey's best known and longest established resorts Bodrum is a center of tourism and also yachting. The population of Bodrum reaches several times more in summer.

The town is well known for its lively port, good beaches, and colorful nightlife. Because of its beautiful coastline and active night-life, Bodrum has became a very popular tourist resort especially for northern Europeans. Every year Bodrum is visited by at least thousands of tourists. Bodrum attracts people with artistic backgrounds, encouraging them to choose the region as a location for their secondary residences and many of these people increasingly became regulars who would stay throughout the year. Bodrum now hosts many artists, poets, singers as well as commercially-minded investors and package tourists.

The abundance of visitors has enlivened Bodrum's retail economy. Among one of the top leisure activities in Bodrum there is shopping. Leather goods, particularly for traditional woven sandals are well known products in this town. 

Brand new golf courses are currently being designed and built on the Bodrum peninsula. In these days golf is picking up momentum in Turkey. The golf resorts are eager to attract visitors and also largely unspoiled by mass tourism. Except from golf, yachting, boating, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are also main diversions.

Many people realizing the great potential of Bodrum being a f cheap alternative to other countries and fantastic place. The area has attracted many foreign investors wishing to buy property in Bodrum so demand for property in Bodrum is on the increase as well.