Bodrum information, Bodrum Turkey
Festivals in Bodrum

1- The Traditional Wooden Boat Races

Every third Sunday of October the races are held and organised by the ETA Bodrum Sailing Club. Tel: (0252) 316 23 10

2- The Bicycle Festival

This festival is organised by the Bodrum Nature Sports Club (BODOSK) and held in May and also conducted thanks to the sponsorship and support of other state and civil institutions. Its slogan is "Hand in hand for a Bodrum free of exhaust, get on bicycles" and this is the target of the festival. The festival, which has other activities and displays such as live music performances, acrobats, dance shows so attracts large crowds. 

Other festivals and events in Bodrum are: 

The Pedasa Festival: August 27 – September 1

The Turgutreis Commemoration Festival: June 23

The Turkbuku Culture and Art Festival: September 3-9

Open bazaar areas in and around Bodrum

- Mondays : Güvercinlik

- Tuesdays: Bodrum centre (clothing), Milas (food and clothing)

- Wednesdays : Gümüslük and Ortakent

- Thursdays: Bodrum (food), Muğla (food and clothing), Yalıkavak (food and clothing)

- Fridays: Bodrum (food)

- Saturdays: Turgutreis (clothing and food)

- Sundays: Mumcular (clothing and food) and Gumbet

- And also There is a flea market every first sunday of the month in Bitez.

In these open markets you can find the fruit grown locally, fresh fish and fresh vegetables, as for clothing and textiles, there are hand woven cloths, shoes and handcraft pieces.