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Bodrum Night Life

Nightclubs, cafes and restaurants stay open all night to accommodate Bodrum's party-hearty types. The night life of Bodrum is something really very special. Even Turks will rank Bodrum after Istanbul as Number2. Bodrum probably has more bars per area than all other places in Turkey, appealing to all tastes. Among them are intimate seaside cafes with magnificent views of the illuminated castle.

Bar Street is one mile Long Street runs parallel with the sea, so all the bars and restaurants, cafes on the right side offer a sitting area on the beach with the scenic view of the castle.

VELI BAR has frequently live music. This one is probably the oldest bar in the town. There is also YETTIGARI and then a bit further on Mandalin Bar . In the same location M&M DANCING is a very recommendable disco of high quality standard in sound system and also decoration. A stone house facade with the name of FORA BAR which is again one of these nice discos situated on the Beach offering a marvelous view of the sea and castle. FASIL CAFE RASIT which is an upstairs bar with authentic Turkish music and belly dance. The program starts around 11 PM in this place. THE WHITE HOUSE BAR which is a building in nearly Victorian style offering live music. More discos bars and night clubs follow and still on the right side is the open Aegean sea. A nice little cafe called MAVI BAR (the blue bar) invites everyone for a drink. From here about 50 meters walking distance along the little ascending street to one of the nicest discos on the world, the MANDALIN BAR & DISCO. They really don't need an advertisement, it is so well-known. Do not leave from Bodrum without visiting this wonderful place.